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Grass Valley Museum at St. Joseph's Cultural Center interior

Have Your Cake & Eat It – Things To Do In A Nevada County Winter

Go fishing, ride your mountain bike, frolic in the snow, or just take a hike - Here's 5 things that show you that you can do ANYTHING in Nevada County in winter.

Tips & Resources

Get your sledding on or just frolic in the snow by reading Visit Truckee-Tahoe’s Top 15 Places to Go Sledding, Tubing & Build a Snowman in Truckee

Delve into the what type of fish and where are the honey holes of winter fishing (and other seasons) in the Tips On Fishing In Northern California’s Nevada County

Explore the hidden gems of Nevada County by exploring the many Museums that dot the region

By Alex Silgalis

Nevada County shines as the ultimate destination for California in winter. Whether you’re skiing through snowy slopes or navigating tacky dirt on mountain bikes, winter here offers a blend of all seasons. The best part? Every day unfolds with a chance to explore something new. Winter isn’t merely a good time to visit. It’s an exceptional one! Discover five fantastic ways to savor the season.

Do Your Best Impression Of Henry David Thoreau & Hike Hirschman’s Trail

Hirschman’s Trail and the pond in late fall / early winter

Located only one mile from Nevada City, this trail offers a swift escape into nature. It culminates with the Hirschman Pond, a haven for bird enthusiasts. If luck is on your side, you might even catch a glimpse of a family of otters! Learn about this hike and more winter trails in Nevada County in “Are You Yeti For Some Winter Hikes In Nevada County?

Bring The Funk And Mountain Bike The Parliament Loop

mountain biker enjoying tacky dirt on winter mountain biking trails near Nevada City
Photo by: Jeremy W Benson – enjoying some hero dirt in December

Most of our mountain bike trails surrounding Nevada City are situated around 2-4000 feet and, remain pretty much snow-free allowing you to get your bike on. Discover what to expect and how to find rideable trails in “Snow Joke: Winter Mountain Bike Trails In Nevada County.

Learn About The Nuns Who Saved Orphans & Taught Children In The Gold Rush

This might sound like a script straight out of a John Wayne movie, but it’s not. Discover this unique story and others, like the bathtub of exotic dancer Lola Montez, by visiting the Grass Valley Museum. For more information about this hidden museum and others, check out our Museums page.

Do Your Best Griswold Impression At Truckee’s Sledding Destinations

Tahoe Donner Snowplay
Snowplay in Tahoe Doner. Photo by: Trevor Clark of CLARKBOURNE Creative. – Image appears courtesy: Visit Truckee-Tahoe

Unleash your inner John Travolta and enjoy a Saturday night of disco tubing beneath the vibrant LED lights at Palisades Tahoe. Alternatively, spend your day at Tube Town in Soda Springs, where you’ll find up to 10 well-maintained tubing lanes for endless fun. For a comprehensive list of all the snow play areas, check out Visit Truckee-Tahoe’s article titled “Top 15 Places to Go Sledding, Tubing & Build a Snowman in Truckee.”

Pack it in – Pack it out:

If you do go out for some snow-play, keep our slopes clean by picking up trash and taking home broken sleds. In fact, we don’t encourage using plastic sleds because they break so easily. And when plastic enters the surrounding environment, it can impact wildlife and potentially our drinking water.

Catch The Big One On The Lower Yuba

man holding a caught trout from a river
Photo appears courtesy: Tom Page

With lakes and rivers aplenty, our county boasts renowned fishing opportunities that last all year. The Lower Yuba, in particular, is famous for its excellent winter dry fly fishing in California. If you’re eager for more insights and fishing tips specific to the region, delve into ‘Tips On Fishing In Northern California’s Nevada County‘ by Tom Page, the owner of Reel Anglers Fly Shop.


Alex Silgalis

Alex founded Local Freshies® in 2014 to be the #1 website providing the “local scoop” on where to eat, drink & play in mountain towns throughout North America. When he’s not writing and executing marketing strategies for small businesses & agencies, he’s in search of the deepest snow in the winter and tackiest dirt in the summer.

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