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Nevada City area: Hoot, Scott’s Flat Lake Trail, and the newest addition Talon Show. Beginners and families will love Empire Mine.

Truckee & Donner area: Sawtooth area offers everything from mellow singletrack to challenging rides. This area includes trails such as Jackass, re-named Donkey Town Trail, Big Chief, Happy Face, and the Compass Skills Loop. For an amazing XC ride, Truckee Donner Land Trust’s Royal Gorge Rim Trail is well maintained and hosts plenty of gorgeous views throughout it.

The Rotary Club of Grass Valley invites cyclists of all ages to participate in their annual Gold Country Cycling Challenge.

Need more info or the local’s scoop? Bicyclists Of Nevada County regularly hold trail volunteer days and will promptly respond to inquiries at


Trailforks is the official trails portal for all trails in Nevada County and useful throughout the country. MTB Project is another resource, though not at extensive as Trailforks.

Nevada county’s trail network affords you the ability to ride all year long. If you want to ride in the winter get tips on which trails to ride as well as find out which ones are snow free – Snow Joke – Winter Mountain Bike Trails In Nevada County.

Do you care about protecting great places to ride? Join a trail day or donate to Bicyclists of Nevada County or Truckee Trails Foundation.

Check out the Visit Truckee-Tahoe comprehensive guide.

You can also find an interactive trail map here for dedicated paved bike paths and other bike routes.

Have a local guide show you the area’s best trails for mountain biking and gravel riding with Dirt Gypsy Adventures.

Find everything you need whether it’s bikes, gear, or fuel at Tour of Nevada City! In Truckee you can pick from nine bike shops including Paco’s, Bike Truckee, Stealth Tahoe, and Tahoe Sports Hub.

Note that the summer season can include road construction with significant delays. To find the latest on construction traffic and updates, visit Caltrans.

Endless Options for Biking Trails, Roads, and Challenges

The foothills around Nevada County are a new hotbed of biking activity. Scenery, terrain, climate, access, new trails, supplies and services, and a local history of elite active sports competition all contribute to the town’s biking and cycling appeal. This is an area where riders from Lake Tahoe to Reno and Sacramento to San Francisco and beyond can “bring it” for the week or weekend – there’s lots to explore. A proposed Pines to Mines Trail is in the works that will someday link the towns of Truckee to Nevada City!


The Rotary Club of Grass Valley invites cyclists of all ages to participate in their annual Gold Country Cycling Challenge. The event includes a 50K, 100K, and 100 mile tour of the beautiful Gold Country region of Northern California. The ride is fully supported by friendly volunteers, fantastic rest stops, support vehicles, and well-marked routes. If you’re not a cyclist, you can volunteer for this amazing event and have just as much fun! Other cycling opportunities include scenic paved paths such as the Truckee River Trail. 

Mountain Biking

Nevada County is a mecca for mountain biking! On the west side, you’ll find Hoot and Scotts, providing fast and flow trail fun for locals and visitors alike. The newest addition to their offering is Talon Show, the first of several downhill directional mtb-only trails that will exist in the new Parliament Trails network. And on the east side, a good place to start is just outside of Truckee at the Sawtooth trailhead. It offers a variety of steep climbs, exciting downhill, and breathtaking scenery. You’ll find trails suitable for beginners and experts alike, so everyone can have a great time! For those who like to get air, don’t miss out on the Truckee Bike Park. You’ll find the sweetest flow lines and the smoothest strider and pump tracks for all skill levels to progress. Curious where to start – saddle up to our list of favorite mountain bike trails in the county from Truckee down to Nevada City and beyond.

All-inclusive, Universally Designed Trails & Events

Spending time in the great outdoors is important to everyone and Visit Truckee-Tahoe has taken that seriously as part of their Trails for EveryBODY™ campaign. The “Compass Skills Loop” was designed and built by legendary trail builder Steve Wentz of Momentum Trail Concepts, with help from Truckee Trails Foundation. It’s the first of its kind in Truckee. Thoughtfully constructed to facilitate mountain biking skills development for all riders, including those on adaptive mountain bikes (aMTB). It doesn’t stop at mountain biking either the Truckee Tahoe Gravel is also an all-inclusive gravel race too!

E-Bikers Welcome!

The latest trend in all things two-wheeled fun is E-biking. Classified into three groupings, the new pedal assist bikes (or Class 1) can be ridden on many of the trails we’ve highlighted above. In fact, approximately 35 miles of singletrack trail within the Truckee Ranger District of the Tahoe National Forest alone are open to E-bikers.

Gravel Grinding

Halfway between mountain biking and cycling you’ll find gravel grinding. It’s not an entirely new concept – the original Tour De France back in the early 20th century was pretty much a gravel grinder. It’s a combination of everything. A heaping plateful of rough gravel roads, a dash of singletrack, and even a whiff of smooth pavement. Events like the Heart of Gold Gravel GrinderTruckee Tahoe Gravel provide you the opportunity to see the scenic parts of Nevada County and at the same time test your own personal limits. And throughout the year there are lots more options for Gravel Grinding to do on your own.  

Want to join a group? Bicyclists Of Nevada County is committed to responsible mountain bicycling, preservation and improvement of riding opportunities, cooperation with other interest groups, and the education of cyclists and non-cyclists alike. They regularly hold trail volunteer days. For younger riders, Youth Bicyclists of Nevada County is a safe environment where youth can grow skills, friendships, and a lifelong love of cycling.