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winter fly fishing of a river brown trout on Truckee River in Nevada County California

Where To Cast Into Winter Fishing In Nevada County

This winter go against the stream and try winter fishing in Nevada County. From casting flies on the Truckee amongst a winter wonderland to drifting down arguably the state's best winter fishery for native trout here's where to cast your line and enjoy it this time of year.

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Stay up-to-date with the latest information by dropping by Trout Creek Outfitters. Or check out their comprehensive weekly reports, available throughout the year. Your Nevada County winter adventure awaits!

Download these comprehensive Fish Advisories for fishing areas in Nevada County. Fish Advisories are guidelines that recommend how often you can safely eat fish caught from water bodies in California.

Mine Legacy. Gold mining in the Sierra Nevada left a toxic legacy of mercury and other heavy metals in our waterways. Get educated before you eat your catch!

Make sure you have the right license! Everything you  need to know about getting a fishing license.

By Alex Silgalis

Often overlooked, winter fishing in Nevada County offers a unique charm during the colder months. The crowds of boaters enjoying the warm weather are gone. It’s easier to find a good fishing spot and a chance to have the shores pretty much to yourself. Here’s a round-up of some of the best spots to throw your line in winter. Keep in mind that these locations offer year-round fishing, but it’s always a good idea to verify seasonal fishing regulations with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife before you cast your line.

Yuba River

woman enjoying winter fly fishing on a drift boat on the Yuba River
Brett Bush from Trout Creek Outfitters offers drift boat fly fishing on the Yuba River outside of Grass Valley. Image appears courtesy: Trout Creek Outfitters – Photo by: Brett Bush

The Yuba River is one of California’s prime fisheries for native wild rainbows. Winter fishing on this large tailwater can be outstanding, with some of the best winter dry fly action in the state of California! One of the most exciting things as a trout angler is to cast from a drift boat with a guide on these waters. With approximately 6 miles of pristine waters to explore and minimal crowds, you can relish the solitude. Whether you prefer drifting indicators or casting dry flies, this Northern California river offers it all. Just below the snow line near Grass Valley, there’s even hope of hooking a robust Steelhead. The Yuba River stands unrivaled for winter fly fishing, providing an unforgettable experience for trout enthusiasts.

Trout Creek Outfitters Tip: During this season, try using Blue Winged Olive (BWO) flies to entice rising ‘bows from the comfort of a drift boat.

Truckee River

Take a group out on the river with one of the guides from Trout Creek Outfitters. Image appears courtesy: Trout Creek Outfitters

Embrace the magic of winter in Truckee as it transforms into a snowy paradise, adorned with snow-capped peaks and pristine meadows. Amidst the classic winter pursuits of sledding and snowshoeing, there’s a distinctive experience waiting: fly fishing along the Truckee River.

On those sun-kissed days nestled between storms, this activity becomes a perfect outing. Begin your day with a leisurely breakfast or jump into some invigorating Nordic skiing. As the sun warms the waters, seize the opportunity to cast your flies in the serene stretches of the Truckee.

Additional Winter Havens

Year-round fishing bliss can also be found in Grass Valley and Nevada City at local lakes offering fantastic angling opportunities. Bullard’s Bar, Englebright Lake, Scotts Flat Lake, Lower Scotts Flat Lake, Rollins Lake, and Collins Lake are prime spots. And they particularly shine during the winter months.

While the trout fishing is consistently productive, winter adds an exciting challenge for anglers. Get ready to try your hand at fly fishing for bass. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of bass or the rewarding pursuit of trout, these lakes provide a diverse and fulfilling experience for all fishing enthusiasts.

For more about fishing the waters of Nevada County, check out our article: Tips On Fishing In Northern California’s Nevada County. Stay up-to-date with the latest information by dropping by Trout Creek Outfitters or checking out their comprehensive weekly reports, available throughout the year. Your Nevada County winter adventure awaits!


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