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Foodie Fun – Must Have Eats In Nevada County

Come for the outdoors stay for the mouthwatering culinary adventures that makes Nevada County a foodie vacations dream destination.

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From hiking trails to ski slopes take in what’s in store for you in Truckee’s Mountain cuisine.

Satisfy your sweet tooth or bite into the past with a pastie and more in Grass Valley.

Stroll historic Nevada City’s downtown with an artisan ice cream in hand. Sit down for a meal featuring fresh and local ingredients grown here in the county. Explore what’s in store for you in Nevada City.

By Alex Silgalis

Like a great recipe at a high-end restaurant, Nevada County’s towns are the perfect ingredients for a foodie getaway. A dash of funkiness. A pinch of artsy. Filled with Old West Saloons and historic homes. And scenic vistas of the High Sierra. Nevada County provides a perfect backdrop to explore the culinary arts in their utmost perfection. Here’s a taster of food you should enjoy when visiting.

Blast From The Past

A pasty from Marshall's Pasties
Instagrammer: @FriendlyWhenDrunk – One of the classic pasties you can enjoy in Nevada County

The historic hamlet of Grass Valley was built upon the gold mines of the Sierra Nevada. Due to the waning mineral deposits in their homeland of Cornwall, Cornish miners migrated to newer mines all over the world which included California’s Gold Rush towns including Grass Valley. By 1890, Grass Valley’s population was made up of 85% Cornish descent. While the mines have shut down, you can still honor the past and enjoy the quintessential food of Cornwall – Pasties. This scrumptious food is a handheld pie, usually filled with meat and potatoes, sealed under a crimped pastry crust. A few of the noteworthy locations are Marshall’s Pasties and the Grass Valley Pasty Company.

We All Scream For Ice Cream

deliciously decadent ice cream sandwiches in Nevada City CA
Image appears courtesy: Treats Of Nevada City

Gourmet doesn’t even begin to describe the soft velvety ice cream you’ll find in Nevada County. Depending on where you’ll be playing or staying, you’ll find true artisans of the craft of ice cream making. In Nevada City, beeline to Treats where flavors include classics like mint chip to unique combinations such as saffron rose pistachio. For the upper reaches of Nevada County tucked alongside the gorgeous shore of Donner Lake you’ll find Little Truckee Ice Creamery. In their words, “Not just great ice cream, but super premium all-natural ice cream” all made in house that you’ll swoon over. Chocolate lovers will need to make a stop at Lazy Dog Chocolateria in Grass Valley. Not just an ice cream parlor but a buffet for the sweet tooth extraordinaire. If you visit during the winter months, be sure to try their savory hot chocolate.

So Good It’s Off The Hook

Image appears courtesy: RMU – Truckeee

If you ask a local, “Where should I go for dinner?” many of them will say – Sushi In The Raw. Over the last two decades, their traditional approach to sushi and uncompromising focus on using the freshest ingredients has created a following like no other. If you aren’t into sushi, consider a visit to Twelve 28 Kitchen in the town of Penn Valley. This charming establishment can go toe to toe for food quality and presentation with many high-end restaurants in San Francisco. Speaking of elevated dining Truckee’s mountain cuisine scene covers the full spectrum from dietary restrictions to the discernible palate that everyone will be excited for. The newest addition is RMU. A newly certified California Green Business is situated in a historic building offering a bar, small bites, and events. For any of these, we highly recommend booking a table ahead of time.

Happy Smiles For EVERYONE

Nevada County’s dining options are all inclusive for any dietary restriction. For example, Vegetarians and Vegans alike will love the mouthwatering options at Nevada City’s favorite organic eatery – Heartwood Annex. Each of their ingredients are painstakingly chosen to reflect the region’s bounty of fresh, seasonal, and healthy foods. From ramen to grain bowls, you’ll be nourished and know that they did their best to ensure its sustainable.

This is merely a sampler of the foodie fun you will have when visiting Nevada County. Enjoy!


Alex Silgalis

Alex founded Local Freshies® in 2014 to be the #1 website providing the “local scoop” on where to eat, drink & play in mountain towns throughout North America. When he’s not writing and executing marketing strategies for small businesses & agencies, he’s in search of the deepest snow in the winter and tackiest dirt in the summer.

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