High-resolution photos, images and videos are available to journalists for editorial use from multiple different local libraries.

Coming soon…

We have a number of digital assets including photography and video footage you may request.

Our digital assets may be used by:

  • Travel and trade media.
  • Meeting professionals who are working with Go Nevada County towards selecting or promoting Nevada County as their next meeting destination.
  • Travel professionals who are working with Go Nevada County and are promoting Nevada County as a leisure destination in their campaigns and initiatives.

Our digital assets may be used for the following purposes:

  • Editorial coverage by travel and trade media.
  • Illustrations in publications promoting attendance at a meeting or convention taking place in Nevada County.
  • Printed and digital materials published by tour operators and travel agents selling travel to Nevada County.

Our digital assets may not be used for:

  • Any commercial purposes outside of Nevada County tourism promotion.
  • Commercial advertising of non-tourism products including advertising supplements within newspaper and real estate materials.
  • Placement on souvenirs, commemorative books, guidebooks, DVD’s or others consumer goods such as clothing for retail or resale.
  • Fundraisers for causes, charitable organizations or political organizations.