South Yuba River State Park

The South Yuba River State Park contains several parcels of land along the South Yuba River extending more than 22 miles from Point Defiance on Lake Englebright toward the town of Washington. The Park, state’s first river corridor park, was established in 1986 for its scenic, recreational, and historic values. It contains the Bridgeport Covered Bridge and Ranch, the Kneebone Pleasure Resort site, the Independence Trail, and historic river crossings at Highway 49 (1921), Hoits (Hoyt’s) Crossing (1856), Purdon Crossing (1853 and the extant 1895 half-through metal truss bridge), Edwards Crossing (early 1850s and the extant 1904 three-hinged metal arch bridge) and Illinois Crossing (1855). Roadway and bridge abutment remains can be found at all of these sites.


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South Yuba River State Park