Rough & Ready Sucession Days

On April 7, 1850, the town of Rough and Ready, angered at the lack of law and order, and the passage of a new mining tax, voted to secede from the Union and form the Great Republic of Rough and Ready. The Republic lasted less than 3 months when, the story goes, Nevada City refused to sell the “foreign” miners liquor! The town gathered again and decided to re-join the Union…just in time for the 4th of July celebration.

These days, we celebrate Secession Days on the last Sunday in June with food, fun and entertainment from 7am to 3pm. The day starts with a Pancake Breakfast to raise funds for the Rough and Ready Volunteer Fire Department. Crafters and merchants ply their trades, our Town Blacksmith fires up the forge in the Blacksmith Shop, and the Fruit Jar Pickers play their special brand of music. The highlight of the day is the annual musical/melodrama “The Saga of Rough and Ready” performed live on stage. Rough and Ready souvenir sales, a Petting Zoo, raffles, an antique car parade, and more food and fun makes this a safe and enjoyable day for the whole family!


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Rough & Ready Sucession Days