Independence Trail West

Hwy 49 5.5 miles north of Nevada City

You can park in turnouts near the trailhead which is located about a half a mile south of the Yuba River. Warning – Be careful with the traffic on Hwy 49.

Independence Trail West features several wooden flumes and is oriented for most of its length around the canyon of Rush Creek, a large tributary stream that enters the South Yuba River at Jones Bar.

Hiking Distance
You can go 2.5 miles downstream (west) or upstream (east).
The west trail offers a 4.3 mile loop along a swimming trail to Jones Bar Road and then goes back up to Excelsior Canal and back to the start.

There is Wheelchair Accessibility for 1.5 miles in each direction of the trailhead. This trail follows the path of the Excelsior Canal which was built during the Gold Rush. You’ll enjoy lots of wildflowers in the Spring.


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Independence Trail West