Elixart Grass Valley

Elixart- Grass Valley

Full-service cafe featuring superfood smoothies, gourmet vegetarian cuisine, herbal elixirs, ceremonial teas, and much more.

Smack dab in downtown Grass Valley our location features all the great Elixart favorites, plus a SuperFood Smoothie menu that will make you drool. Additionally, our amazing chefs Sama and Allison (Vivi Culina) have created a delectable vegetarian menu (plus one pasture raised egg dish) for you to enjoy.

Our cafe and lounge features a menu of mood-enhancing drinks and other exotics that draw upon the healing properties of pure, plant-based ingredients. Specializing in traditional Kava, cacao, ceremonial tea, as well as hand-crafted mocktails, our elixirs will get your body buzzing with herbal energy.


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104 E. Main St., Grass Valley

Business Hours

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 10AM-5PM

Friday 10AM-8PM

Sunday-Tuesday CLOSED


(530) 265-1901

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Elixart- Grass Valley