El Agave Taqueria

El Agave Taqueria’s goal is to serve all their customers authentic fresh Mexican food. Applying the highest standards of excellence to the food production, preparation, and service to our customers, because to us fresh authentic Mexican food is something all of their customers must have everyday whether it is breakfast in the morning, enjoying a delicious lunch with friends or family or ending the day with a nice and fulfilling dinner to leave their customers very satisfied.

They make sure to always get all the freshest most original ingredients to make all of their delicious authentic mexican plates, also we use imported products from Mexico to ensure that all Mexican traditions are originally from Mexico.

El Agave Taqueria’s goal is to satisfy all of their customers by serving them with delicious Mexican food and giving customers the nicest service possible so at the end of their visit they go home with a big smile and were very satisfied to have visited our Authentic Mexican Restaurant.


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Business Hours

Sunday – Monday 10AM – 8PM
Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 9PM



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El Agave Taqueria