Champion Mine Road

Trailhead: Nevada City Distance: 7-10 miles Total estimated climb: 300 ft. Time of ride: 30 min. to 1 hour Season: Year around Degree of difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate 3 Physical, 2 Technical Easy ride on gravel and dirt roads in the Deer Creek canyon. Ride out Factory Street (past Miners’ Foundry) to the pavement of Old Downieville Highway. Pass a few houses and take the first dirt road left. Stay high (right) at the steel gate. Ride to Newtown Road and return. Or turn right at Newtown, ride up to Highway 49 and right again on Old Downieville Highway. Return to town. A tougher alternative: From Newtown Road, cross Highway 49 and return to town via Country, Indian Flat and Cement Hill roads.


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