A Walking Tour of Nevada City

Nevada City is one of the prettiest and most interesting of the California Gold Rush towns. Here you will find quality restaurants, comfortable lodging, live theatre and a variety of fine shops, boutiques, galleries, museums, and wineries all flavored with old-fashioned Nevada City hospitality.

For a glimpse of California’s golden past, complemented by modern cultural and recreational diversions, Nevada City ranks among Northern California’s best. Nevada City is a recognized cultural and entertainment capital of the Sierra Foothills.

While many California Gold Rush towns have disappeared into the pages of history, Nevada City has rebounded time and again to emerge as a unique blend of yesterday and today. Nevada City’s current cultural and economic renaissance is proof of the town’s indomitable spirit. Visit the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce, 132 Main Street, Nevada City for a map of the area.

Points of Interest:

South Yuba Canal Building, Ott’s Assay Office

– The oldest business building in Nevada City. The South Yuba Canal Building (1855) houses the Chamber of Commerce. Ott’s (1857) houses a specialty shop. This is where James J. Ott assayed ore in 1859 that led to the Comstock Lode silver rush in Nevada

Fire House No. 1

– One of the most photographed buildings in the Gold Country. Built in 1861, it is now a museum.

The National Hotel

– The state’s oldest continuously-operated hotel consists of four buildings (1854 and 1856-57).

The Nevada Theatre

– This 1865 brick structure is the oldest building in the state erected as a theatre.

Firehouse No. 2

– Built in 1861, this venerable brick firehouse near the top of Broad Street housed one of Nevada City’s first volunteer fire companies.

Miners Foundry Cultural Center

– Now a community center, the foundry, built in 1856, contributed technology for mining, skiing and other industries.

Nevada City Winery

– The award-winning winery is located in new and restored quarters next to the Miners Foundry. Tasting and sales available.

Sargent House

– Built in 1856 by civic leader and former U.S. Senator Aaron A. Sargent, this historic treasure is a private residence.

The Pine Street Bridge

– This old-fashioned bridge across Deer Creek was built in 1996, a replica of the 1903 span. The first bridge here was built in 1863.

Nevada County Courthouse

– The original 1855 courthouse burned in 1856 and was rebuilt in 1864. The annex was completed in 1964.


– The old brewery dates to 1857; its granite walls to 1882.

Chinese Quarter

– Several Chinese businesses were located along Commercial Street in the 1850s-1870s.

Nevada City Carriage Company

– Home of the downtown carriage operator.


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