Nevada City at Night

The Travel highlights Nevada City

The Travel, an online magazine that gives tips about traveling to great places around the world, has just published an article about Nevada City, CA, and it’s cool, laid back “non-touristy” vibe. The article begins:

Virginia City is confusingly in Nevada, and Nevada City is confusingly in California. It is a quaint gold rush town and is one of California’s best-preserved of this bygone era. It was first settled in 1849 during the days of the feverish California Gold Rush that helped the state to boom. Now a sleepy little town, it was once the most important mining town in California. Nevada County (which it is a part of) was the state’s leading gold-mining country.

Nevada City is the perfect rustic town to chill out in and see an older, more mellow, and less touristic side of California.

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