Nevada City at Night

Nevada City included in USA Today 10 Best List

On Dec. 18, 2019, Nevada City included in USA Today 10 Best List: 10 Hallmark movie locations that will make your holiday wishes come true.

The article highlights ten towns that fans of the Hallmark Christmas films can visit to experience a little holiday magic throughout the U.S., and of course Nevada City, CA, made the list for The Christmas Card. The Christmas Card tour is a popular thing to do, check out articles about it HERE and HERE.

The USA Today article by Robin Raven begins:

For people like me who love a feel-good, holiday film that’s heavy on escapism, Hallmark Christmas movies provide you the chance to delve into your childhood holiday fantasies. Innocent romance under the mistletoe is a pretty much guaranteed part of every one of these movies.

Another essential part is the beautiful, Christmasy town that looks and feels nearly enchanted with the holiday spirit. These real-life filming locations for some of the most beloved made-for-TV holiday movies are likely to inspire you to sing a tune other than “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” next season.

Read the entire article HERE to discover a wealth of Christmas cheer across the nation and see why Nevada City included in USA Today 10 Best List.

Thank you to Robin Raven for permission to share this article.