Dew Drop Inn

Ghosts of the Dew Drop Inn featured in paranormal blog

On Oct. 22, 2019, just in time for Halloween, the paranormal blog “Hauntings in the Wild West” featured the Dew Drop Inn, located on Hwy 49 in South Nevada County.

The post begins: If you have ever traveled up highway 49 into the heart of Nevada County’s gold country, then you’ve likely passed the Dew Drop Inn. Nestled by the picturesque Cherry Creek, this road side tavern offers a friendly atmosphere for locals and visitors alike to enjoy drinks, billiards and live music. For those that are sensitive to the paranormal, a chance encounter with the ghosts of the Dew Drop adds an exciting appeal to this “hot spot” hangout.

Founded in the late 1800’s, Dew Drop was once a township on the old stage coach line. Local neighbors report hearing the unmistakable sounds of horse and carriage passing in the stillness of this quiet, knock about place.

One Dew Drop regular told us a story about someone he knew that found old abandoned saddlebags chocked full of gold pieces on the stagecoach road. Talk about a great day for the happy guy that found that!

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