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Telly Winners Celebrated at Donner Memorial State Park

California State Parks is honored to announce local Telly winners celebrated at Donner Memorial State Park. Donner Memorial State Park and Sacramento State University Creative Services are the recipients of three Telly Awards for short films in the new visitor center at Donner Memorial. A celebration is planned from 5:30-8 p.m. on Saturday, August 24, at the park. The evening will include screening four short films, including the three award winners, a panel discussion of each film, snacks and adult beverages. Parking and entrance are free.


Telly Awards
Photo submitted by CA State Parks

The Telly Awards recognize productions that are not designed for broadcast, suitable for all screens. Productions are usually created on behalf of a client.

Sacramento State University Creative Services in partnership with California State Parks developed these films for park visitors learning about the Donner Party rescuers, the Chinese Transcontinental Railroad workers, the history of the Lincoln Highway and African-Americans traveling with the Green Book.

  • The Donner Party Rescuers: Survival and Heroism in the Mountains recognizes some of the brave men who walked through thirty feet of snow to save the starving pioneers trapped at Donner Lake in 1847. This film received a 2019 Bronze Telly Award.
  • The Work of Giants follows the path of the Chinese tunneling through Donner Summit creating the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869.
  • From Dirt to Asphalt: Transforming Donner Pass depicts early attempts to drive over Donner Mountain and the completion of a paved road from New York to San Francisco. This film received a 2015 Bronze Telly Award.
  • On the Road with the Green Book Guide: African-American Travel explains the challenges faced by families trying to enjoy the “freedom” of the open road. This film received a 2018 Silver Telly Award.

Come see the Telly winners celebrated at Donner Memorial State Park. The panelists will be able to answer questions from history buffs and aspiring film makers. For further information and to learn more about these videos as well as other exhibits offered at Donner Memorial State Park, please contact the park at (530) 582-7892 or visit