The Tony Award-Winning SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE returns to Nevada City with Treasure Island: A New Musical

The San Francisco Mime Troupe returns to Pioneer Park on Friday, August 16, with their new musical Treasure Island. The show is FREE, although there is a $20 suggested donation. Music begins at 6:30 p.m. and the show begins at 7 p.m.

Treasure Island – is it the mythical isle where untold wealth awaits marauding pirates, or the freezing cold, artificial island in the middle of San Francisco Bay awaiting cut-throat developers? Or is it both?

That’s the question for Jill Hawkins, an under-secretary to an assistant director in the City’s planning department when an old sea-dog of a developer drops anchor in her office, and drops a mystery in her lap. “Developers…they scour the map looking for cities with fat purses, ready to be plundered!”

(l-r) Andre Amarotico (Developer), Michael Gene Sullivan (Developer), Brian Rivera (Developer), Keiko Shimosato Carreiro (Livesey), Lizzie Calogero (Jill Hawkins) in Treasure Island. Photo: Mike Melnyk

Developers as pirates? That’s what crazy old Benny Gunn says, too. “They’ll swoop in like a hurricane, take it all, and leave ya to sink!” But what about the people – like the folks living out on the island? Or in Bayview? Or in any town or neighborhood so desperate for housing the politicians will sign any deal with any Corsair who come calling with a promise to build affordable housing? With rising tides and lowered expectations is an Island in the middle of the Bay the last hope for those pushed to the edge? Why has it been undeveloped for so long? 

(l-r) Lizzie Calogero (Jill Hawkins), Michael Gene Sullivan (Gunn) in Treasure Island. Photo: Mike Melnyk

And who is the one-legged developer the old pirate warned Hawkins about with her dying breath?

The show runs 65 min. – no intermission.

TREASURE ISLAND: A New Musical features a five person cast that includes veteran SF Mime Troupe collective members: Keiko Shimosato Carreiro (John Livesey); Michael Gene Sullivan (Benny Gunn); who are joined by Andre Amarotico (William Bones); Lizzie Calogero (Jill Hawkins); andBrian Rivera (L. J. Silver).

(l-r) Andre Amarotico (William Bones), Michael Gene Sullivan (Benny Gunn), Keiko Shimosato Carreiro (John Livesey), Brian Rivera (L.J. Silver), Lizzie Calogero (Jill Hawkins) in Treasure Island. Photo: Mike Melnyk

All actors appear through the courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

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