Naughty Bawdy Revue

More Burlesque in Nevada County with the Naughty Bawdy Revue

The folks at The Naughty Bawdy Revue are proud to be adding burlesque to Nevada County’s performance art scene.  Putting The Naughty back in Nevada County for almost two years now, The Naughty Bawdy Revue brings live burlesque to the stage at The Dew Drop Inn on the fourth Saturday of every other month.  Every show features different performers with new acts and most shows revolve around a theme or inspiration.
“But isn’t burlesque just stripping? How is that artistic?”
Burlesque does involve strip tease and while most acts do offer performers doffing their clothing, there is an additional element to burlesque that makes it more than just stripping.

Naughty Bawdy Revue

“In a classic strip bar setting, the performer is trying to be the audience’s fantasy,” explains Deirdre Von Derriere, founder, producer and emcee for The Naughty Bawdy Revue “In burlesque, the performer is showing the audience their own fantasy, how he or she perceives themselves to be sexy, powerful or something other than their own daily norm.  This is the empowering part of the art form.”

Empowerment is a word ever present in the burlesque community.  Many may wonder how a person taking their clothes off for strangers could be empowering?  There is no one, perfect burlesque performer.  Some are acrobats that doff as they dangle, others are singers that may serenade as they strip, still many are classically trained dancers while others are punk rockers without any dance experience at all!  Burlesque performers create and choreograph their own acts, most even sew their own costumes and build their own props.  All are welcome in burlesque and everyone gets their moment to shine on the stage in the way they want to shine with an audience there cheering that shine on.

Naughty Bawdy Revue
All are welcome in burlesque and everyone gets their moment to shine on the stage

When The Naughty Bawdy Revue was started, there were no other regularly occurring burlesque shows in the Nevada County area.  For almost two years now, The Naughty Bawdy Revue has been dedicated to bringing high quality burlesque talent to Nevada County.  In addition to producing the show, The Naughty Bawdy Revue offers burlesquercize classes on a weekly, drop in basis.  These classes incorporate exercise with a burlesque flair.  No nudity or stripping necessary, classes are offered at GOPilates studio in Nevada City every Wednesday night from 6-7pm.

The Naughty Bawdy Revue is returning to the stage May 25th for another round of raucous, racy fun with their “Cowboys & Gangsters” show.  This month’s show will feature performances set to blue grass, country western music, hip hop or rap and inspired by all things cowboy, outlaw, gangster and gangsta.  Doors open at 8 and the show starts at 9p and the house is usually packed to the rim so get there early for best seat selection.  Tickets are available at The Dew Drop Inn or online.

Content and photos submitted by Deirdre Von Derriere