Luck of the Irish Theme for Monday Cabaret on March 18

What do you get when you combine Cybil Unrest’s award-winning ensemble of classic and neo-burlesque dancers with the magic of Nick Fedoroff? You get one great evening of entertainment.

Photo by Kim Sayre Photography

This past October, Cybil and Fedoroff joined creative forces to produce a series of monthly Monday night cabaret shows at the Nevada Theater in downtown Nevada City.

The idea for a monthly cabaret show came from a desire to provide entertainment for locals in the service industry who worked on weekends and had few week-night options for getting out and having some fun. Going out on a quiet Monday—where parking is plentiful—quickly caught on.

Truth or Dare Productions, Cybil’s company, is known for extravagant and glamorous entertainment. Ms. Unrest explains, “I’ve been dancing and teaching dance for most of my life. Burlesque let’s me bring something fun, exciting and different to the stage—and bring exceptional talent to Nevada County.”

Nick Federoff adds magic to the show

Fedoroff, who brings his classic old-school magic to the stage, is also the show’s master of ceremonies and occasionally, he performs as part of the dance ensemble. According to Fedoroff, “Truth or Dare acts encompass anything from funny and satirical, to sexy and charming. Our shows range from steamy and provocative to downright silly and hilarious. All the shows are performed with class and sass, all for the audience’s enjoyment. “

Burlesque was first used during the Victorian era to describe a type of theater that used parody featuring women known for revealing an ankle or shoulder, risqué at the time. The format evolved to include acrobats, comedians, magicians and musicians. Truth or Dare brings all that to the stage and more. There’s a different theme for each month and each bawdy and slightly risqué show brings in new talent.

Last month’s Monday Cabaret show, Be My Valentine’s Sweetheart, was reviewed by The Unions Valerie Costa who wrote “The Truth or Dare troupe, which includes a rotating cast of dancers from Reno to San Francisco, delivered far beyond what would be expected from a small town, even by Nevada City’s standards. Every act was more impressive than the last, with choreography, costumes and dancers that would look at home in a professional setting in a major city.”

The line-up for 2019 promises a series of sold-out performances and raucous shows with Monday revelry that would make any weekend blush.


Photo by Kim Sayre Photography

The theme for March’s Monday Cabaret is “Luck of the Irish.” The day after St. Patrick’s Day we cordially invite you, your friends, and leprechauns to a sexy, entertaining, and spectacularly lucky show on Monday March 18th. Featuring Nick Fedoroff, Scarlett Letter, Vixi Vale, Lord of the Prance, Whiskey Kiss, Le Cha Cha, Patty Le Melt, Deaja Girl on Fire, Rebel Rose, ChaCha Burnadette, Cybil Unrest, Guy Vigor and more. So grab your favorite person and throw on that green party attire from last night’s shenanigans and head over to the Nevada Theatre!

Cocktails crafted by the Golden Era Lounge will be served in the lobby at 7 p.m. Music by Kate Haight & Company begins promptly at 7:30 p.m. At 8 p.m. the real fun begins with sensationally spicy acts and naughty fun featuring burlesque and cabaret dancers.

Tickets for every Monday Cabaret can be purchased online at Tiny.CC/MondayCabaret, or at the door for $25 ($20 in advance).

Show is ages 21+

Submitted by Truth or Dare Dance Troupe