Donner Pass, Summit Tunnel Hike featured in popular travel blog California Through My Lens

California Through My Lens, a travel blog from native Californian Josh McNair which highlights some incredible out of the way places in our state, includes a wonderful summary of the Donner Pass, Summit Tunnel hike.  Although the entry was first made two years ago, it remains one of the area’s great hikes that doesn’t get much promotion.

Josh writes:

The Donner Pass Summit Tunnel Hike is one of the best hikes I have been on in a long time, if only because it is so historic and unique. The entire hike is basically walking through an old abandoned railroad tunnel that has been overrun with graffiti but is still a fantastic example of the history of Northern California. It was a photographic dream with the way the light entered in different spots along the tunnel, as well as the frequent exits that provided vistas of the valley and lake below. This is a must do hike and here is the full review. Side note, bring a friend as it would probably be a little creepy on your own.

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