NBC News in Los Angeles touts Nevada City’s Mardi Gras event as “Worth the Trip”

NBC News Los Angeles just featured Nevada City’s Mardi Gras event in their “Worth the Trip” section.

They write:

The pretty Sierra foothills town has become a go-to spot for Fat Tuesday-style fun, though you’ll find the Mardi Gras festivity on a weekend day. And that day in 2019 is Sunday, Feb. 17. Both a parade and street faire will share the day, and you can bet that “(b)eads, masks, and Mardi Gras shirts” will be out and on zazzy, eye-catching display. The 2 o’clock parade grandly proceeds along Broad Street, while the faire can be found around North Pine and Commercial Streets. Shall there be vittles to nosh upon, libations to quaff, and all of the merry details that go into a small but strong Mardi Gras affair? You bet; Nevada City has been doing this for many years, and the good times do truly roll on.

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