Magic Transforms into the Onyx Theatre

A unique and independent community art-house movie theatre with a decades-old history, has announced their grand reopening after an extensive renovation. On April 13, 2018 The Onyx Theatre opened the doors to reveal two state-of-the-art screening rooms, an expanded menu, including beer and wine, roomier, plush seating, assistive listening and more.

Photo courtesy of The Union

Previously known as The Magic Theatre, The Onyx honors its heritage: one of the two screening rooms will be called “The Magic Theatre”, while the new room has been named “The Dream Theatre”.  “During the seventeen years I’ve had the pleasure of owning this cinema we’ve constantly made improvements, but I’m most excited about what we’ve created this past few months. It’s a metamorphosis.” says owner Jeffrey Clark. “The Magic will still literally be inside The Onyx, but now we’re going to give people an opportunity to experience going to the movies in a new, more comfortable and very fun way.”

Photo courtesy of The Union

In addition to the remodeling, overseen by Moses Jones of Webb Jones Joinery, there is a new, state-of-the-art cinema system. “The sound and picture in our screening rooms will be incredible”, Clark enthused. “Our consultant on this project, Jerry Harrah, has built literally hundreds of cinemas and home theaters, including for Disney Studios, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Bill Gates. He’s helped us do this the right way. And with the additional screen, we’ll be able to showcase
more films, while holding over popular titles so everyone gets a chance to experience them. We can’t wait to re-open our doors!”

In the pursuit of a movie-going experience that steps beyond the norm, thoughtfulness abounds at The Onyx. The screening room ceilings feature beautiful murals by local artist, Sarah Coleman. The menu features many local products including cheese plates from Wheyward Girl and beer from Ol’ Republic Brewing, among other local specialties. The theatre even offers blanket rentals for those that want some extra coziness. Most importantly The Onyx puts its focus on showing the best in independent
film from all over the world.



Content provided by Michelle Erbs