Visit China without leaving Nevada County

Submitted by David Wong

Egg peddler

Photo by David Wong

A Photography Exhibit of
Nevada County Photographers and Friends
Who Traveled to Yunnan Province, China in 2016

In 2016, seventeen photographers from Nevada County, Southern California, the Pacific-northwest, and New York traveled through-out Yunnan Province in Southwest China to hone their photography skills in two workshops lead by local photographer, David Wong.

Starting on February 14th and running through March 5th , these intrepid photographers will share some of their intimate photos with you of this seldom-visited area of China. Their travels will take you from Kunming, the legendary terminus of the famed Burma Road of World War II fame to Shangri-La, high in the mountains of Tibetan Buddhist monks.

Yunnan Province sits just above Myanmar and is home to over 50 ethnic minorities, in a part of China not often visited by Western visitors. The warm and up-close photos by this group of photography enthusiast will bring you close to the local people and culture of a part of China with still visible roots to an ancient culture. Their photos are artful windows of their personal experiences from this storied country.

Come and see photos of China and it’s culture not seen by those that visit Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian. The exhibit is being hosted at The Center for the Arts in downtown Grass Valley starting on February 14th, 2017.

For further information, contact David Wong at 530-852-7800 or at