2nd Annual Nugget Fringe Festival

Chicago and San Francisco have one, New York has several, Edinburgh’s is the biggest, and now, so does Nevada County. What are we talking about? Fringe Festivals of course. These exciting, envelope pushing, raucous, large, multi-arts festivals are popping up all over the world to the delight of theater hungry audiences. Quest Theaterworks presents The 2nd Annual Nugget Fringe Festival January 21-31, 2016 at locations throughout Grass Valley and Nevada City, CA.

The Nugget Fringe Festival is an un-curated collection of eclectic theater, dance, music, comedy, and spoken word. This year’s festival will include over a hundred performers from Nevada County and as far as San Francisco and Los Angeles, presenting upwards of thirty distinct shows, comprising more than one hundred and twenty performances over ten days with about five thousand seats available. This makes The Nugget Fringe Festival one of the largest indoor mountain town arts events in the region.

“Fringe Festivals are known for exposing audiences to progressive, contemporary performance art that stretches the imagination and defies expectation,” explains Scott Ewing, founder of Quest Theaterworks and The Nugget Fringe Festival. “It also nurtures emerging and established performing artists in our community who are looking to push the boundaries of art.”

Wild, weird, refreshing, experimental, off-the-wall, innovative and fearless are all words that have been used to describe The Nugget Fringe Festival. This year’s lineup continues where last year’s festival left off, with an unparalleled cross section of Nevada County’s finest actors and experimenters, along with opportunities for new, up and coming performers to independently produce theatrical works in the true spirit of the international “Fringe” movement.

“Events such as The Nugget Fringe are crucial,” says John Deaderick, local veteran actor, director and educator, who will also be performing in the festival. “They allow artists to take risks with actor-focused, experimental material. This enlarges the theatrical experience for both performer and audience in ways otherwise not feasible.”

A few of this year’s confirmed shows include:

Richard Winters’ “Sleeping in the Middle of the Bed” takes audiences on an epic yet all-too relatable journey – exploring the secret life of a newly divorced man.

Damiian Lang returns with his new show, “How To Make Love in Traffic.” “I want it to provoke feelings, inspire action, and create more equanimity, harmony, beauty and loving friendships between the sexes. I want to make em laugh, hit em in the gut, kiss their heart and make it all better – a bit of sensual, sexual, emotional, mental, spiritual enlightenment swimming in heart vibrating synchronicity.”

“Songs to My Soul, A Musical Memoir” For decades, Cynthia Waring has written songs about her life. At 68, she has found the courage to sing them. “This show is about never giving up. It speaks of me as a woman, trained to be a seductress, finally learning to love from the depth of my sou …”

“Tomorrow the World” – Enjoy the standup stylings of pretty boy Danny McCammon, gammon boy Casey Burke, Matt “The Stick” Teff, John “Beard or no beard?” Bivens and Kenneth “J” Greer. You’ll slap your knee and jerk your neighbor in this madcap roundup of everything from corn to Roundup. See them now because Tomorrow The World.

“American Cosmonauts”, the KVMR radio show starring Casey Burke, John Bivens, and Matt Teff. We are working on a potential live broadcast from KVMR for that performance. Four years ago, Eugene and Leo were just two broke American citizens. In a moment of desperation they got very drunk. At some point, during their stupor, Leo convinced Eugene that their best opportunity for fame and fortune lay in signing up to be cosmonauts… Now in the present, these two have been marooned miles above the Earth in the station Sputnik 8. Having realized too late that there is no such thing as a rich or famous cosmonaut, Eugene and Leo turned to the next best star making medium… radio.

“Eh, Joe?” – Paul Micsan and Lois Ewing team up to present Samuel Beckett’s most accessible short piece, “Eh, Joe?” A lonely man seals himself in to fight off his demons. He appears safe enough. He has made precautions. Alas, as he readies himself for rest, he is taunted by the voice of a woman he once knew. A stunning look at how we are all taunted by our past, by the voices in our heads, and by the thoughts stirred when we reflect.

Selected as “Best of the Fest” for the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Festival, Last of the Knotts is a one man comi-tragedy and the story of poet-hipster, Doug Knott’s irreverent and thorny battle with becoming a father… or Knott!

“The Nugget Fringe Festival really is theater for all hair colors.” says Ewing. “It’s not just for older or younger audiences. It is for anyone who loves art and having a good time.”

Tickets for The Nugget Fringe Festival go on sale December 1st at NuggetFringe.com.

(Source: Nugget Fringe Festival)