Getting Here


Reaching Grass Valley by Plane:

Grass Valley is located less than an hour and a half drive from the Sacramento and Reno-Tahoe International Airports. Private shuttle, limo and taxi services provide transportation service to both airports.

Penn Valley and Rough and Ready are close neighbors to Grass Valley, and maps and directions can be found here and here.

Another Option:
The Nevada County Airport is home to many types of aircraft including homebuilt, commercial charter, ultra light and private jets and airplanes.

Reaching Grass Valley by Train or Bus:

There is no railroad service in Grass Valley but daily access is available via Amtrak train and bus service which stops in nearby Colfax. Gold Country Stage offers site seeing services to historic gold rush sites throughout Western Nevada County. Gold Country Stage also provides an important transportation link among the local communities for residents and visitors alike. Their fleet of buses serve Grass Valley, Nevada City and Penn Valley.

Reaching Grass Valley by Car:

Traveling Eastbound from Sacramento:
Take Interstate-80 East to Highway 49 North. Travel one half hour (from Auburn) to Grass Valley.

Traveling Westbound from Truckee/Reno:
Take Interstate-80 to the Highway 20 turn-off. Follow Highway 20 for approximately 30 to 40 minutes (through Nevada City) to Grass Valley.


Reaching Nevada City by Plane:

Nevada City is located 75 minutes driving time from both the Sacramento International Airport and the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Rental vehicles are available at both airports; an on-call shuttle is available from Sacramento.

Another Option:
The Nevada County Airport is a local airport serving small aircraft but offering no regular commercial service.

Reaching Nevada City by Train or Bus:

There is no railroad service in Nevada City, but daily train and bus access is available via Amtrak which stops in nearby Colfax (located 12 miles away). Connecting transportation is not available.

Reaching Nevada City by Car:

Traveling Westbound from Truckee/Reno:

From Interstate-80 West, take Highway 20 just beyond the Cisco Grove exit and travel on ridge tops and through the forest for approximately a one half hour drive to Nevada City.

Traveling Eastbound from Sacramento:
From Interstate-80, take Highway 49 North in Auburn. Nevada City is located along State Route 49, about a 40 minute drive from Auburn.


Reaching Truckee by Plane:

Located just 40 minutes away, the Reno-Tahoe International Airport provides an easy-to-navigate terminal, offering service via eight airlines and over 140 flights daily, and serving as a reliable conduit for visitors heading to Truckee and Nevada County and beyond.

Other nearby airports:

The Sacramento International Airport is a two hour drive west on I-80 from Truckee and offers visitors lots of options with over 300 flights daily.

The Truckee-Tahoe Airport is just a quick jaunt by airplane or jet from many points in the West. This small but friendly and efficient airport serves privately-owned aircraft but offers no regular commercial flight service.

Reaching Truckee by Train or Bus:

Amtrak’s California Zephyr is one of the most scenic train trips in all of North America. Visitors may appreciate knowing that Amtrak offers packages to fit every budget. Reserve a comfortable coach seat or for longer journeys, reserve a sleeping car on one of Amtrak’s Superliner cars. Amtrak stops twice a day at the Truckee Train Depot conveniently located in the heart of downtown Truckee.

Reaching Truckee by Car:

Traveling Westbound from Reno:
Traveling to Truckee in a vehicle is perhaps the most common way to arrive at this renowned Western ski town as Truckee has four exits right off of Interstate-80. The views of the Sierra Crest climbing up the grade from Reno are stupendous. Take Interstate-80 West and exit at the Central Truckee exit.

Traveling Eastbound from Sacramento:
Take Interstate-80 East over Donner Summit and then continue on the I-80 freeway passing Donner Lake and arriving in Truckee for an equally scenic experience. Four exits on Interstate-80 from Donner Lake to Highway 267 provide many roads leading into and out of Truckee.

Another Option:
Old Highway 40 offers car travelers an alternate bypass, well worth the adventure. Traveling westbound and leaving Truckee, stay on Donner Pass Road and climb from the foot of Donner Lake past historic railroad snow sheds, stop at the Vista Overlook to take in panoramic views of Truckee and the Carson Range. Then cross the 1927 built Rainbow Bridge, and pass Sugar Bowl and Donner Ski Ranch ski areas, continue through the hamlets of Norden and Soda Springs and then return to Interstate-80 where Donner Pass Rd. and I-80 connect.

Traveling eastbound (arriving in Truckee), from the Cisco Grove exit 165 off I-80 follow Old Highway 40 to Donner Lake, (a 17 mile detour). The Old Highway 40 bypass is a remnant of the transcontinental route that existed before the freeway took its place in 1964. This Donner Summit route is a great option for slow travel fans who like to spend time thoroughly exploring and enjoying a region.


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