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Nevada City featured on Amgen Tour of California website

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Nevada City is featured on the Amgen Tour of California website. It will be the “Stage 2″ start of the race on May 10-17, as reported in October. The eight-day stage race will travel a north-to-south route and span nearly 700 miles through many of California’s most breathtaking roads and sceneries. The article on Nevada City reads:

“California’s best preserved Gold Rush town, Nevada City, has a lot to offer far beyond this well-deserved distinction. Nestled in a basin on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada, it is framed and protected by ridgetops and promontories. At 2,500 feet above sea level, Nevada City is surrounded by forest. Deer Creek flows through and graces the center of town. Whenever you begin your descent into Nevada City, you can sense that you are approaching something good.

“For thousands of years Nevada City and its environs were inhabited by the indigenous Nisenan. It was first settled by outside influences from the Gold Rush in 1849. At times it was referred to as ‘Nevada’ and at others as ‘Nevada City.’ Eventually the word ‘City’ was permanently added to avoid confusion with her neighbor, the state of Nevada.

“Steeped in history, this full-service city of 3,000 people has seen its ups and downs. With the diminution of gold mining and timber harvesting, plus the slice that the Golden State Freeway took out of the core of the city in the 1960s, city leaders looked to historic preservation as the path into the future. Creating its own historical district in 1968 has led to a slow but steady increase in visitors and vitality as well as designation on the National Register of Historic Places.

“Today Nevada City once again has significant economic, cultural and social substance. It is the county seat, headquarters of the Tahoe National Forest, and site of businesses such as Robinson Enterprises, Inc., Telestream, Grass Valley Group, and 2Wire’s design facility. Fine restaurants, bars, overnight accommodations, two wineries, a Railroad Museum, Firehouse Museum, the Miners Foundry Cultural Center and the Nevada Theatre are noteworthy, alive and well.

“The Nevada City Film Festival and the South Yuba River Citizens League’s (SYRCL’s) Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival call it home, along with a bevy of environmental and nonprofit groups that are headquartered here. KVMR community radio is in its 31st year and has increased its budget, reach and popularity dramatically over time. NCTV, a fledgling television station covering local government and community items of relevance, is spreading its wings as well.

“The Nevada City School District serves 1,300 students, grades K-8 at 3 locations. Student test scores are among the highest in the state. The teachers are dedicated, qualified and solidly backed by parents committed to their children’s education. Down the road is Nevada Union High School, noted for its academic and vocational excellence. Adjacent to Nevada Union is the Nevada County branch of Sierra College, part the California community college system.

“Nevada County operates the Madelyn Helling County Library, the Doris Foley Library for Historical Research and the Nevada County Historical Society hosts the Searls Historical Library.”

“Long-time residents and newcomers together represent a wide spectrum of interests and perspectives. Their city’s small-town qualities, character and sense of community are clear. As someone once said, beyond all the wonderful things in and all around Nevada City, the best part is that ‘there is still a ‘there’ here.”

The area around Nevada City also is popular for its mountain bike trails:

(Source: Amgen Tour of California)

Sierra Foothills and Truckee wineries score in 2015 S.F. Chronicle tasting competition

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After receiving a record 6,417 entries from more than 25 states, the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, recognized as the largest competition of American wines, this weekend announced its winners. Here are some winning wineries in the Sierra Foothills and Truckee. The full list of winners is here:

Avanguardia Wines:
Premiato, silver
Due Fiori, bronze

Bear River Winery:
Barbera Rose, silver
Syrah, bronze

Ciotti Cellars:
Cabernet Sauvignon, silver
Cabernet Franc, silver
Syrah, bronze

Viognier, silver
Old Vine Zinfandel, silver
Chardonnay, bronze
Pinot Noir, bronze
Cabernet Franc, bronze
“Confluence,” bronze

Lone Buffalo
Tatonka Tempranillo, silver
Thunder Beast Zinfandel, bronze

Late Harvest Barbera, silver
Dolcetto, bronze

Mt. Vernon
Cabernet Sauvignon, gold
Cabernet Franc, gold
Sangiovese, silver
Syrah, silver
Petite Sirah, silver
“Girly Man,” silver
Barbera, bronze
Cab-Shiraz, bronze
Merlot, bronze

NV Nightshade, gold
NV Grande Violette, gold
Le Grand Pere, gold,
La Boheme, gold
Dalia Noir, gold
Syrah, silver
Petite Sirah, silver
Cabernet Sauvignon, silver
Della Casa, silver
NV White Oleander, bronze
Mourvedre, bronze

Popie Wines
Basin Red, silver
Bianca di Barbera, bronze
Barbera Reserve, bronze

Secret Ravine
Montepulciano, silver
Cabernet Franc, silver
Sauvignon Blanc, bronze

Truckee River Winery
Pinot Noir, silver
Malbec, silver

Wise Villa
Midnight Delight Mustcat-Chardonnay, double gold
Sangiovese, double gold
Torrontes, gold
Zinfandel, gold
Chardonnay, silver
Petite Sirah, silver
Malbec, silver
Sur Lies Chardonnay, bronze
Pinot Noir Rose, bronze
Syrah Rose, bronze
Pinot Noir, bronze
“Wisdom of Wise,” bronze

In addition, Irwin Family Vineyards, whose winemaker is Derek Irwin, won a silver for its Tempranillo and a bronze for its La Mescla (red blend). Irwin is the winemaker for Naggiar, and he is a wine consultant for Viña Castellano.

(Source: Sierra FoodWineArt magazine, Photo: Dan Senkbeil at Naggiar)

Local AMGEN Race Prep Well Underway

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Local radio KNCO News Talk 830 is reporting preparations are underway for the 2015 AMGEN Tour of California locally.

Local AMGEN Race Prep Well Underway

“Though the Amgen Tour of California bicycle race is still months away, race organizers are already hard at work. Local tour organizer and Nevada City City Councilman Duane Strawser says that preparations for the event are picking up…

“Listen to Duane Strawser discuss this weekend’s preparations.

“Inspections are being held to check the course, local hotels, and caterers. Organizers across the state are attending classes and workshops hosted by race officials to make sure their leg of the tour goes off without a hitch. Even local volunteers are traveling far and wide to help Nevada County shine under the spotlight…

“Listen to more from Duane Strawser.

“This year, the seven-day race begins on May 10th. Nevada City hosts the start of the second stage on the eleventh.”

To learn more about Nevada City’s 2015 role in AMGEN’s Tour of California, click here and here.

(Source: Ashlyn Rhodes, KNCO)

The New Yorker references Nevada City’s Three Forks Bakery & Brewery

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This week The New Yorker magazine in an article titled “Seven Minutes” references Three Forks Bakery & Brewing’s house salad prepared with a seven-minute egg.

“Here we are hibernating, cleaning out the icebox as well as the in-box. What’s this? “New York is the seventh worst city for an active lifestyle.” So goes the subject line on a neglected e-mail from a social-media firm called WalletHub. Seventh worst out of how many cities? A hundred. That’s bad, though not quite as bad as Jersey City or Newark (second and third worst) or the class goat, Laredo. The best city for an active life style—according to WalletHub’s calculations, which take into account the percentage of a city’s citizens who “participate in any physical activity,” its fitness-club fees, and its per-capita number of ball fields, golf courses, and swimming pools—is Omaha, Nebraska. WalletHub doesn’t seem to count sidewalks, dance clubs, roller rinks, or handball courts. WalletHub needs to get out more.

“Still, we can do better. It’s that time of year when we like to say we will. Another overlooked e-mail links to a story about something called Misogi, with a photo of a man running underwater carrying a rock the size of a cinder block: “Misogi is the punishing one-day workout you’ve never heard of, but it could change your life—if it doesn’t kill you first.” Here’s a note from the nurse.

“There must be an easier way. Earlier this month, Time promoted the so-called one-minute workout, based on research involving fourteen overweight test subjects in Ontario. But come on, now. The seven-minute workout is more viable—to indolence what Lipitor is to heart disease. In 2013, the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal asserted that you can get lean with just seven minutes of intensive circuit training a day—“maximum results with minimum investment.” There’s no need for weights, to say nothing of swimming pools. Basically, you do the following things in quick succession for thirty seconds apiece, with a ten-second rest between each: jumping jacks, wall sit, pushups, abdominal crunches, step-ups onto a chair, squats, triceps dips with a chair, plank, high-kneed running in place, lunges, pushups (with rotation), and, finally, side plank. It’s supposed to be difficult and unpleasant (no pain/gain), but it’s over fast, and, in theory anyway, it allows for twenty-three hours and fifty-three minutes of sloth. Beats death by Misogi.

“The length of the workout seems arbitrary, but it turns out that seven minutes, as a unit of time, has elemental and panacean properties. Paula Deen pitches a seven-minute frosting recipe (“Total Time: 12 min”). People in L.A. drive for seven hours to taste the seven-minute eggs in Nevada City. A pastor in Indiana has been preaching “the seven-minute marriage solution.” Marriage, we’re often told, takes work, but in this scenario just four hundred and twenty seconds of work each day will do. It so happens that seven minutes is the purported average span for sexual intercourse—even if studies show that nearly fifty per cent of men finish within two minutes. (Italian researchers recently had a group of premature ejaculators undergo twelve weeks of pelvic-floor exercises—it’s unclear how many minutes per day—and found that their longevity increased by nearly five hundred per cent.) “The Seven Minutes,” Irving Wallace’s 1969 novel about an obscenity trial, has as its premise a pornographic novel that describes the thoughts passing through a woman’s mind during sex. Russ Meyer made a movie out of it, which, the Times complained, featured only five seconds of nudity.

“These seven minutes are related to, but very rarely the same as, those experienced by participants in the old party game Seven Minutes in Heaven, in which teens randomly pair up for a short stint in a closet, to talk or grope. Jet, in 1953, called it “a variation of the sex lottery . . . evidently first practiced by teenagers in Cincinnati and branded by that city’s Rev. Benjamin F. Judd as the ‘Devil’s Game.’ ” (Cincinnati: thirteenth most active.) Seven is indeed both hellish and heavenly. You’ve got your deadly sins and your days of the week; since God created the world in six and rested on the last, you might say that idleness was baked into the number seven at the Creation.

“Here comes another alert, from the blog publisher Medium: the ideal Internet post, for attracting attention, takes seven minutes to read—that is, if you care, as Medium does, “less about clicks and more about actual reading.” It’s not clear whether a regimen of pelvic exercises or running underwater with a boulder might cause one to read faster, but there is a writer named Jason Fladlien who is hawking a method (for thirty-seven dollars) that will enable anyone to write an article about anything in seven minutes or less. Fladlien budgets thirty seconds for an opening paragraph, two to four minutes for your three main paragraphs, and another thirty seconds for the conclusion, the rest for prep and proofreading. “The cool thing about using these templates is you never have to pause to think,” he writes, but “you also have enough leeway so each article remains 100% unique, and of the highest quality.” Good. Done. Now for some jumping jacks.”

To read the article, click here.

Another article about Nevada City by Bay Area travel writer

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Bay Area travel writer Carole Terwilliger Meyers wrote another article about Nevada City titled “Highway 49 – Gold Rush Country: Nevada City: background, visitor information” this week. Ms. Meyers visited Nevada County in October 2014 as part of a Familiarization Tour hosted by Nevada County Tourism.

“Highway 49 – Gold Rush Country: Nevada County: background, visitor information
A Little Background
“Reputed to be the best privately preserved and restored small city in the state, this picturesque mining town is also said to contain residential and commercial buildings representative of all the major 19th-century architectural styles.

“Scenically situated on seven hills, the town boasts a particularly fine assortment of lovely gingerbread-style Victorian homes, and the entire downtown district is on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition, it is home to more artists per capita than any other California county, and these talented people attract and present themselves in high quality theater and music. Events at the fairgrounds are doubly worth attending, because it is considered the most beautiful fairgrounds in California. It is interesting to note that in Spanish “nevada” means “snow-covered.”

Visitor Information
Nevada City Chamber of Commerce 132 Main St., (800) 655-NJOY, (530) 265-2692.

More things to do in Nevada City.
More things to do in Gold Rush Country.
Travel Articles to inspire and help you plan some spectacular getaways.”

To read another article by Ms. Terwilliger about her visit to Nevada County, click here.

(Source: Weekend Adventures Update, photo: Carole Terwilliger Meyers)

Cynthia Levesque of Neva Co and Nevada City First Friday Artwalk featured in new Visit California “2015 California Vacation Guide”

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Visit California’s “2015 California Vacation Guide” is out and it has several mentions of Nevada County attractions and businesses. Nevada City’s Cynthia Levesque, owner of Neva Co, and founder of the wildly popular Nevada City First Friday Artwalk, is pictured on the Gold Country page noting our area’s inviting shops.

“The Sierra foothills that roll arose this region are California classics, where the state’s past, present, and future merge into one exciting destination. Feel the rush of panning for gold like a forty-niner and rafting iconic whitewater rivers. Escape to perfectly preserved historic towns with Old West architecture, now housing a new generation of outstanding wine tasting rooms, farm-to-table restaurants, inviting shops, and charming B&Bs.”

To read the full Guide, click here. To order your own copy, contact Visit California.

Nevada County attractions and businesses promoted in the “2015 California Vacation Guide”

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Visit California’s “2015 California Vacation Guide” is out and it has several mentions of Nevada County attractions and businesses. Read about Nevada City’s Neva Co on page 91; Nevada County on page 95; Grass Valley and Nevada City on page 96; Empire Mine State Historic Park on page 97; Firehouse Museum, Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park, Miners Foundry Cultural Center, Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad & Transportation Museum, Nevada County Traction Co., South Yuba River State Park, and the Tahoe National Forest on page 98. Under Events, the Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival is promoted. On page 99 the Gold Miners Inn – Holiday Inn Express is listed for lodging.

To read the full Guide, click here. To order your own copy, contact Visit California.

Achilles Wheel performs New Year’s Eve at the Miners Foundry

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Paul Emery Music and the Miners Foundry present Achilles Wheel and the Soft Bombs on New Year’s Eve! Achilles Wheel is about playing music that makes you want to dance, while the Soft Bombs offer sounds of psychedelic rock, electronic dance music, and baroque pop. Celebrate New Year’s Eve the Nevada City way!

Achilles Wheel is a high energy Roots & World Music / Rock & Roll band, featuring award winning songwriting, numerous stringed instruments, and more drums than you can shake a stick at.

The fiery epicenter of the Achilles Wheel sound is Jonny Mojo on lead guitar and vocals, surrounded by Paul Kamm and Shelby Snow on rhythm, bass, and vocals, and Gary Campus and Mark McCartney on drums and vocals.

Based out of Nevada City, the Soft Bombs were founded in 2010, forming their current line up in 2012.

Drivingly danceable rhythm, hard pumping bass, hypnotically addictive blends of psych, kaleidoscopic electrophonic melodies that are at once retro and distinctly forward looking.

The band’s live shows are enhanced by colorful projections and extended dance-improvs that whip the audience into a frenzy.

If you love to dance and celebrate life, come see Achilles Wheel and make a joyful noise.

Food will be available for purchase as well as a full bar. Be sure to stick around for the midnight surprise!

Doors open at 8:00 p.m. and the music starts at 9:00 p.m. Achilles Wheel will take the stage at 10:15 p.m. Tickets are $25.00. Ticketing fees may apply. Tickets are available online, by phone or in person at the Miners Foundry, or in person at Briar Patch Co-Op.

(Source: Miners Foundry, videos: Achilles Wheel, Soft Bombs)

Fodor’s Travel names Nevada City one of the “Top 10 U.S. Towns With Huge Christmas Celebrations”

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Fodor’s Travel named Nevada City as of of the “Top 10 U.S. Towns with Huge Christmas Celebrations”

Where: Nevada City, CA

About an hour northeast of Sacramento, the historic and quaint Nevada City (population: 3,068) takes great pride in their annual Victorian Christmas festival. A former Gold Rush town, Nevada City now is noted for its many historic buildings, mountainous surroundings, and bygone picturesque downtown. The Christmas season in Nevada City has been described by its Chamber of Commerce as “a genuine Christmas card come to life” as the city transforms into a winter wonderland complete with twinkling white lights, authentic gas lamps, and carolers dressed in Victorian apparel. Festival attendees are encouraged to dress in period attire, complete with feathers, scarves, and top hats.

Insider Tip: Make sure you stop by My Favorite Things in downtown Nevada City, where gorgeous Christmas décor and artisan local crafts fill a cozy boutique space.

Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor’s Sacramento Travel Guide

To read the full Fodor’s Travel “Top U.S. Towns With Huge Christmas Celebrations” article, click here.

(Photo courtesy: Nevada City Chamber of Commerce)

2015 Wild & Scenic Film Festival (video)

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Join us for another fabulous weekend at the largest film festival of its kind. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival sits apart from the hundreds of festivals around the world by leaving you feeling INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to go out and make a difference in your community and the world.

As a festival by activists and for activists, Wild & Scenic is organized and produced by SYRCL (the South Yuba River Citizens League). For over a quarter century, we’ve been building a community to protect and restore the rivers of our home watershed, from source to sea. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival puts our local work – and yours too – into the broader environmental and social context, and serves to remind us that we’re participants in a global movement for a more wild and scenic world.

At our festival, you’ll witness how individuals and communities across the globe are taking action and becoming part of the solution on issues ranging from energy, food systems, biodiversity, climate change and the protection and restoration of wild lands and wild waters. You’ll experience the adrenaline of kayaking the wildest rivers, climbing the highest peaks and trekking across the globe with adventure films from around the world. You’ll explore the issues and movements with leading environmental activists and professionals, filmmakers and celebrities. And you’ll celebrate the natural and human world in all its diversity, in 9+ venues for films and workshops, a children’s Saturday morning “cartoons” program, art shows, wine tastings, a Gala Event and awards ceremony.

All this and more at the largest (and most unique!) film festival of its kind in the US and in one of the most charming towns in the Sierra Nevada, Nevada City, California.