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Nevada Theatre celebrates 150 years on September 12, 2015

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The Nevada Theatre Commission invites the public to attend the free Open House celebration of the 150 year old Nevada Theatre on September 12. The Nevada theatre is the oldest existing theatre building on the West Coast that continues to operate as a theatre.

From 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., there will be History Tours of the building, special guests giving talks about what it takes to create a production, and a Magic Show. At 5 p.m. , the Party begins, with Then Again providing music, no-host beverages and of course, a Birthday Cake. Sign up for the tour by going to the web site, and click on Special Event.

Under the theme of History Happens Here, the semi-­‐sesquicentennial of the Nevada Theatre on Broad Street in Nevada City will be celebrated during the 2015 Constitution Day weekend.

On September 11th, 1865, our communities enjoyed the initial performance in what was then a ‘New’ building. Ever since, these walls have witnessed memorable live performances by individuals like Mark Twain and Emma Nevada, the advent of movies, the emergence of Foothill Theatre Company and Music in the Mountains, and the creativity of our current notable producers…CATS, Le Gacy and Sierra Stages, and KVMR’s own Paul Emery, among many others.

Friday, September 11th at 8pm., LeGacy will launch this very special and historic weekend with for an evening of music by The Buffalo Gals plus Past Due and Playable.

Saturday the 12th, the Nevada Theatre Commission is inviting the community to a day of free tours, festivities, and a party as a thank you for being a part of what has kept this building alive for so long!

The day starts with an open house, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tours, every half hour, will take you through the building’s historic…and new…nooks and crannies, from the balcony to the basement, plus a walk through the main floor heart of the adjacent KVMR-­‐FM building. Also, Special guests John Deaderick, Danny McCammon, Diane Fetterly, and Sandra Rockman, will provide you with an ‘insiders’ view of what it takes to create a production…something you normally only see from a seat in the audience! Engineer Bill Falconi, architect Denis Kutch, and, hopefully, our resident ghost will team up to tell you about the ever-­‐changing building that has stood these many years. This mysterious side will be further enhanced by the Magicians Guild on stage. Then, Film gurus Mike and Barbara Getz will wrap up the Open House by looking both back and forward at movies in the Nevada Theatre…with some nice surprises in store!

Tour sign up is at, on the SPECIAL EVENT box, hit CLICK HERE, and go to the History Tours and Sign Up line.

At 5 p.m., the Open House atmosphere will be transformed into Party Central for our Birthday Celebration…a mixer where the public can meet the people who have combined their creative talents to bring so many great productions to our stage. Key people from the past and present production organizations, plus the Commission, will be there to meet, visit, and snack heartily with the community and with one another! Then Again will provide background music during the evening. Also, no-­‐host beverages plus commemorative wine, wine glasses and other items will be available.

Whether you’ve ever been in the Nevada Theatre or not, we hope you will avail yourselves of this opportunity to see the inner workings of where and how theatrical magic, music, and movie presentations happen, to hear and talk with people that make it happen, and to be part of this historic event…History does Happen Here.

(Source: Nevada Theatre Commission)

DANK Collective’s “Cinema” show features artwork inspired by film

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DANK Collective‘s “Cinema” show features artwork inspired by film. Exhibition and Opening Reception on September 12th mark DANK’s First Collaboration with the Nevada City Film Festival.

DANK, the seven-person artists collective based in Nevada City, is proud to present their new show, “Cinema,” at the Miners Foundry Cultural Center, featuring work inspired by favorite films and filmmakers. The exhibition, which runs from September 4 to October 4, is a collaboration with the Nevada City Film Festival and aims to give both events richer context and depth.

The opening reception for “Cinema” on Saturday, September 12th from 5 to 9 p.m., will include paintings, photography, collages, installations, performance art, live music, and video that challenge the idea that film is not art. The party is free and open to the public with Reno duo “Strictly Business” performing their swamp stomp boogie from 7 to 8 p.m. Film-themed cocktails will be available for purchase, including the “Limelight”,“Redrum”, (in honor of “The Shining”) and FTS Pabst Blue Ribbon (a tip of the hat to director David Lynch.)

DANK artist and exhibition curator, Celine Adrianna Negrete, conceived the show in response to the collective’s interest in working with different themes. “’Cinema’ was the first thing that popped into my mind,” says Negrete, “because film is my most-loved art form. I was curious to see what the concept would spark in the DANK artists and I’m also interested in the bigger conversation of lack of funding for film within the arts community. To me film as art is self-evident, but when comparing support for it to opera or ballet, for example, there is a noticeable dearth that perpetuates bias and widens the gap. A show like this can reframe that bias, and that is exciting to me.”

Each DANK artist addresses the theme from their own unique perspective. Sheila Cameron is interested in David Lynch’s iconic imagery and his ability to elicit feelings of dread within the familiar. Roseanne Burke is inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining,” and by the director’s history of referencing art in all his films. Nancy Nelson, working from Deepa Mehta’s film “Water,” explores misogyny and the ostracism of women in rural India. Artists Moira McLaughlin and Joe Meade will also be presenting work.

“DANK is thrilled to be collaborating with the Nevada City Film Festival and Director Jesse Locks,” says McLaughlin. “We are so inspired by the passion for film that bubbles up in our town every year and feel honored to be contributing to the festivities.”

DANK is a seven-member artists collective in Nevada City, California focused on contemporary art, post-Great Recession social issues, and community-based, experimental happenings. The name DANK comes from the smell of wet wood that permeates this gold rush town situated on the banks of Deer Creek in the Sierra Foothills. It’s also a reference to cannabis, one of the area’s premier exports, and is an acronym for Do Art Now Kids.

For more information visit their Facebook page.

(Source: DANK; Artwork: Roseanne Burke, Nancy Nelson, Sheila Cameron)

Shh! This is Northern California’s best secret swimming spot

Leave a comment’s Getaways names the Yuba River in Nevada County as “Northern California’s best secret swimming spot.” Of course, we knew that all along!

“Shh! This is Northern California’s best secret swimming spot

“18 August 2015

“Who doesn’t love a good secret swim spot? There’s something extra magical about it: the cool, fresh water, the peace and quiet of the woods, the bubbling waterfalls and smooth pools… plus you don’t have to worry about getting splashed by pesky kids hopped up on sugary Popsicles doing cannonballs into the deep end. It’s how nature intended swimming to be: relaxing and refreshing. You can find them hidden in forests and parks all across America, and one of the country’s coolest is located in South Yuba River State Park.

“Of course, like most good hidden swimming holes, you’ll have to do a little work to get there, but the hike through the river is worth it– and kind of fun in its own right. The stream is strewn with boulders that make the hike an exciting challenge. These boulders and rocks are what make the swimming holes as well. Even though the park is a local favorite, especially as the dog days of summer hit, there are so many secluded spots, nooks, crannies, and coves, that you’ll feel like you discovered the place yourself!

“A few tips for hiking up the river: The best time is summer and early fall– the water will be really high and running very fast in the spring and early summer, making the hike more difficult and potentially more dangerous. Wear sturdy waterproof shoes. You’re going to be trekking through the river and up, down, over, under, and around rocks, and the right footwear can help make the hike more pleasant. You’ll also want to pack water, snacks, and sunblock, since there’s not a ton of shade along the river. And if you’re bringing a picnic, a camera, or anything else you need to keep dry, make sure to bring a waterproof bag. Also, pack as light as possible! You might find yourself regretting bringing along a huge cooler halfway through the hike. And remember to leave yourself plenty of time to hike to a good location, relax a bit, and hike back.

To see more photos and read the full article, click here.

(Source: Anna Hider,; Photos: Suzanne LaGasa/Flickr, Rick Cooper/Flickr)

Wine and food tasting abounds in Nevada County this summer

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For savory eats and award-winning wines, these festivals offer eclectic tastings, hands-on cooking demos with imaginative chefs, and breathtaking venues:


A premier wine tasting experience from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. on “roads less traveled” in Nevada and Placer Counties. The trail includes wineries that are relatively near one another, reducing the driving time. The wineries are offering gourmet food pairings to go with their wines and music.

Sierra Vintners are situated between Sacramento and Reno with easy access off I-80.

The wineries on the July 18 wine trail are near Grass Valley and Nevada City: Double Oak Vineyards & Winery, Katoa Cellars, Lucchesi Vineyards & Winery, Nevada City Winery, Smith Vineyard and Solune Winegrowers.

The vintners on the September 26 wine trail are in South Nevada County or North Auburn: Bear River Winery, Fawnridge Winery, Lone Buffalo Vineyards & Winery, Mt. Vernon Winery, Naggiar Vineyards, Sierra Knolls Vineyards & Winery and Viña Castellano Winery.

The wineries are in picturesque settings, where you can see wildflowers, coveys of quail and other wildlife. Sierra Vintners produce a wide variety of vines, with over 45 planted varietals, ranging from Chardonnay, Merlot, Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon to Cabernet Franc, Barbera, Sangiovese and Tempranillo.

For tickets and more information, visit


Uncorked is a walk-about-town style format from 1-4 p.m. that includes 20 venues throughout downtown. Each location, whether it is a retail shop, restaurant, winery or tasting room, will includewine tasting and food sampling.

This year’s event features a farm-to-table theme between the local farmers and participating restaurants and caterers who will transform the fresh products into signature dishes. The wineries will highlight their newest release of the season in celebration of the upcoming harvest.

For tickets and information, visit


Now in its 12th year, The Downtown Truckee Wine, Walk & Shop is one of Truckee’s preeminent events. This annual favorite from noon-4 p.m. brings nearly 1,000 locals and tourists to historic downtown Truckee to sip wine, taste food samples and enjoy shopping.

Attendees will receive a commemorative wine glass to sample wine at more than 30 locations, food tickets and a program with a map to all participating locations.

For more information, visit


Nevada City named one of the most beautiful towns on the West Coast

Leave a comment just named Nevada City to its “10 Most Beautiful Towns on the West Coast” list.

“Diverse landscapes and towns brimming with charm can be found throughout the West Coast states. From coastal gems to inland beauties, we’ve put together a list of some of the most beautiful smaller towns waiting to be photographed and explored.

Nevada City

“Brimming with charm, Nevada City is a historical gem and California gold rush town found in the idyllic setting of the Sierra Nevada Mountains’ foothills, which also makes it a great destination for outdoor lovers. Local residents are proud of their town and have taken every step to preserve the century-old Victorian buildings that dot the land. To explore this town’s narrow streets, it’s best to park the car and stroll along by foot to discover all the great finds, including beautiful art, handmade jewelry, clothes, books, other fantastic gifts, plus delicious restaurants. Must-see events take place throughout the year as well, including the Nevada City Bicycle Classic, First Friday Art Walks, and Victorian Christmas to name but a few.

Nevada City, CA, USA

To read the full article, click here. To learn more about Nevada City, click here.

(Source:; Photo: Ken Lund/Flickr)

Nevada County ranks #28 of 3,111 counties nationally

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The Washington Post published an article that ranks every county in America by scenery and climate, and Nevada County ranked #28 out of the 3,111 counties.

“Nevada County, CA: This county has extremely high natural amenities. Rank: 28 out of 3,111 counties.

“In the late 1990s the federal government devised a measure of the best and worst places to live in America, from the standpoint of scenery and climate,” the article said. “The ‘natural amenities index’ is intended as ‘a measure of the physical characteristics of a county area that enhance the location as a place to live.’

“The index combines ‘six measures of climate, topography, and water area that reflect environmental qualities most people prefer.’ Those qualities, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, include mild, sunny winters, temperate summers, low humidity, topographic variation, and access to a body of water.

“These ‘natural aspects of attractiveness,’ as the USDA describes them, are intended to be constant and relatively immutable. They’re not expected to change much over time, so the USDA hasn’t updated its data beyond the initial 1999 scoring. “Natural amenities pertain to the physical rather than the social or economic environment,” the USDA writes. Things like plants, animals or the human environment are excluded by definition.

“We can measure the basic ingredients, not how these ingredients have been shaped by nature and man.” I stumbled on these numbers after reading about a recent study linking natural amenities to religiosity. (U.S. counties with nicer weather and surroundings tend to have less religious residents.)

“I’ve mapped all the counties above according to where they rank on the natural amenities index — mouse over to check out how desirable (or not) your own county is.

“You’ll see that Sun Belt counties fare pretty well — especially ones in California and Colorado. In fact, every single one of the 10 highest-ranked counties is located in California. After Ventura County, Humboldt, Santa Barbara, Mendocino and Del Norte counties round out the top five.”

To read the full article and view the maps, click here.

(Source: Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post; Photo: Michael Weissenborn)

Hiking trails in Nevada County CA

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Nevada County is ranked #47 in the nation for America’s 50 best counties for outdoor activities, and ranked #6 for California’s best counties in outdoor activities, according to a 2015 survey by Niche. We have hiking trails for all levels of abilities and interests.

Choose your trail from more than 50 trails listed on our updated Hiking page, including Sugarloaf Mountain Trail, Condon Park Trails, and Penn Valley Bike Trail. Grab your hiking boots and check them out!

The Bear Yuba Land Trust is also a great resource for all things hiking including photos from all of their listed trails.

(Source: Sierra FoodWineArt magazine)

2015 Summer Fairs, Festivals & Concerts in Nevada County

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Summer is the perfect time to visit Nevada County and enjoy one of the many fairs and festivals that are happening throughout the season. From California WorldFest to the Sierra Storytelling Festival to the annual Nevada County Fair, there is some type of fair, festival or gathering almost every weekend to delight all ages and interests. A few of the festivals are featured below.

California WorldFest
July 16-19, 2015 – Nevada County Fairgrounds
The Center for the Arts presents California WorldFest featuring eight stages of music from around the world. Visitors can also enjoy camping, workshops, international food, fine crafts and children’s programming. This year’s line-up includes diverse music such as King Sunny Ade and his African Beats, Lucinda Williams, Buffy Saint-Marie, Emisunshine, Birds of Chicago, and much more.

30th Annual Sierra Storytelling Festival
July 17-19, 2015 – North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center
Set among the towering pines, sloping lawns and historic one-room schoolhouse on Columbia Hill, the Sierra Storytelling Festival is now in its 30th year. Known as “The Queen of Storytelling Festivals,” it brings a line-up of internationally recognized storytellers to the Schoolhouse stages.

Nevada County Fair
August 12-16, 2015 – Nevada County Fairgrounds
Enjoy five days of entertainment and fun for fair-goers of all ages at the Nevada County Fair. The Fair presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy live entertainment, delicious food, carnival rides, animals and exhibits – at the “most beautiful fairgrounds in California.” This is affordable fun for the whole family.

15th Annual Nevada City Film Festival
September 10-13, 2015 – Historic Downtown Nevada City
The Nevada City Film Festival brings award-winning shorts and feature films from around the world to the historic venues of Nevada City. A four-day celebration of art, music, and independent film-making, NCFF includes screenings, workshops, special performances, parties and a live comedy show.

To view all events in Nevada County, click here.

(Source: Nevada County Tourism)

SFist names Nevada City to its “9 Best Outdoor Getaways In And Around The Bay Area”

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Nevada City is named as one of “The 9 Best Outdoor Getaways In And Around The Bay Area,” in a July 1, 2015 online article on SFist.

“It’s summer, officially, and and thus vacation season, but a lot of us have either not found the money to take a real vacation this year like we deserve, or we haven’t had the time or bandwidth to plan one. So, we bring you some best bets for quick and easy trips out of town that won’t kill your wallet, or require a passport.

“Nevada City

“An old gold rush town that looks like it without being hokey, Nevada City is home to charming shops and cafés, not to mention the Treats and their amazing ice cream. If a great a cone doesn’t justify the more than three hours spent in the car from San Francisco, it will all be worth it when you’re soaking in the cool waters of the South Yuba River. For that, Mountain Dog is a favorite swimming hole, written up in SacMag here. Yes, this getaway is a great overnight mission given the distance, so let me recommend the beautiful Chute Hill Campground for a night under the stars (weather permitting). — Caleb Pershan”

To read the full SFist article, click here.

(Source: Jay Barmann/; Photo: Amy Lenzo via Flickr)

AFAR travel magazine promotes Purdon Crossing swimming hole

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AFAR travel magazine mentions Purdon Crossing in their new “Swimming Holes!” list.

“Swimming holes are, by nature, off the beaten path. Often accessible only on foot, these natural pools afford beautiful views and refreshing swims well worth the hike (and far from the tourists). We have curated our favorite places to take a dip, from Croatia to Nevada City, shown to us by locals. Jump in!

Wonderful place to relax on a warm summer day” by Greg Sullivan, originally published 7/10/12.

7. Purdon Road South
Yuba River

19684-20198 Purdon Rd.
Nevada City, California

“I just spent the weekend following the 4th of July up near Nevada City. It got over 90 degrees during the day, so we headed to the river. Although lots of people had similar ideas, I was with a local who directed us to this spot and we had it to ourselves. You park near the bridge and hike along the ridge above the river (about 10 minutes – wish I’d had some tennies instead of just flip flops), but it was well worth it. The water was fantastic and the scenery was beautiful. The rocks in the canyon are unusually rounded/smooth.”

Read the full article, here.

(Source: Greg Sullivan and Davina Baum, AFAR)