Walking food tour in Nevada City this month

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Ready to explore hidden gem restaurants and eateries in one of California’s oldest and most preserved Gold Rush mining towns? Nevada City is famed for its church steeples that rise above the Sierra foothills and its gorgeous fall foliage. Join a fun and trained tour guide as you wander through former gold assay offices, saloons, and foundries to find restaurants, wineries and stores that maintain the look and character of the days when eager miners crowded the town, ready to find their fortune.

This tour is ‘lode-ed’ with delicious foods from the best cuisine Nevada City has to offer. Savor the tastes from eight restaurants/eateries are on this food adventure. Sample award-winning wines and dish after dish of foods made from fresh, local produce. Hear about how Chinese immigrants played a major role in the development of northern California’s agricultural dominance.

As in the other tours, visitors taste, walk and talk our way through the historic areas. Enough food is served to consider it a substantial meal. Come to Nevada City and learn California’s history of boom-and-bust, one taste at a time. Advanced ticketing required.

Text and photo credit: Local-Food-Tours.com

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